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Lighting concept

Inspired by natural light, the Smartline Flow lighting concept is for everyone. Its simplicity providing atmospheric, cozy and functional illumination through clever solutions is what smart lighting is all about.

In control

Set the light at the right level for your needs. For dinners, cozy evenings, relaxation or study. Control the lights with the smart timer function or the remote control for everyday life either you are home or away. Smartline Flow offers powerful features yet requires no internet or gateway.

Easy setup

All Smartline Flow devices are easily set up in the Smartline app. Control each device individually or combine them into scenes. In the scene you then set everything that should happen for each device. Should a lamp be on or off? Or should it dim to 50%? Maybe one lamp should turn on while another one turns off? Everything is possible, even to set timers.

It should be easy to be in control

Once you have made your setup, you can either control it by the app or by standalone remote controls. All settings are stored locally in each device. You may even move them to another location and all settings are moved along.