We are Smartline

Maybe this is the first time you come in contact with us. Or maybe you have a long past with us at Smartline. Regardless, we want to tell you a little more about us.

We have been working with the concept of smart homes for over a decade. In fact, we could say that we are one of the pioneers in Europe in this area. But we find that many smart home solutions often are too complex and difficult to understand. Therefore, we developed completely ordinary lamps. Smart lamps. After all, the technology itself isn´t something we are talking about. Instead we focus on what our products can do for you in your living. An example of what you can do is that you can light up the entire home using your mobile phone. Smartline is for everyone!

Why Smartline

One of our greatest benefits compared to other systems is that there is no need for any extra hardware or not even internet to use our products. Just download the app, Install your units and set timers to make them work on their own, automatically. Done! Another thing is that you do not need any user accounts and there for no need to remember any passwords. Simple, right! And you do not even need WIFI, Smartline Flow works with just power. This is for an example really great if you want to use our lamps in your summer cottage. The list of benefits goes on..

You decide

We do not want you to be a hostage in your own smart home-system. So we decided to put you in charge. You decide what should happen and when. You just replace your old lamp or timer to one of Smartlines many Flow-products. After that you just set the timers after when you want them to turn on or off. You do not need any internet. Our technique is built on Bluetooth which means it is both stable and reliable. This is what we call a Smart home!

Simple installation

It is easy to be smart. With lamps from Smartline you can light up the entire house directly from your smartphone. Just screw in the lamp, add the lamp to the Smartline-app and be ready in a few seconds. No complicated installations, just simple and smart. Using the built-in timer you can set a timer to every single lamp. Make your home a little bit smarter!


Our core values

Our ethos and our brand are based on our core values. Values that we live on a daily basis. Our three core values are set out below.


Protecting our shared environment wherever we can is a no-brainer for us. This may seem a bit non-committal, but we work in a market that is not naturally sustainable. We choose to transport and package our products in as sustainable a way as possible, and we work in accordance with the environmental directives that apply to our market. But, most importantly of all, we produce products that last. It’s smart to be sustainable.


With good design and smart, user-friendly solutions, Smartline’s products make a complex world that little bit simpler. They must be an integral part of our everyday lives, whether we want them to stand out or blend in. It’s smart to be simple.


Smartline’s products keep you safe. We check that they comply with the electrical and environmental safety regulations that apply on the markets in which we operate. Smartline’s product range is sustainable and makes life simpler and safer for our customers. It’s smart to be safe.