• What is Smartline Flow?
Smartline Flow is possibly the world’s simplest concept for smart lighting. You just replace your existing light sources with any light sources from the Smartline Flow range. Then you can control the lights using our remote control or with your smartphone. You do not need any extra things like router, switch or gateway. You do not even need internet other than to download the app to your phone!

• What distinguishes Smartline Flow from other smart lighting systems?
Above all, it’s easy! You do not need any extra gadgets that you connect to the network. You can also use Smartline Flow anywhere, even in places without internet connection. You’re never locked in a system, if you want to control the lamp with the power switch on the wall, it’s still possible to do so.

• How is the information stored in the system?
Each setting is stored locally in each lamp, remote control and timer plug, as well as in your phone.

• Is Smartline Flow a cloud service?
No. We do not store anything, either in the cloud or in any servers. All information is available locally in each device and Smartline Flow does not need the internet to work.

• Do I need to create an account?
No, you do not need an account to use Smartline Flow.

• How about integrity?
We do not collect or save any information about you as a user. You are completely anonymous. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

• I have bought a starter kit. How do I use it?
You can use it in two ways.
1. Without app: Install the light sources in any lamps and then control them using the remote control. Without the app, both light sources are controlled simultaneously. However, we recommend that you use the app. Then you can control the lights with scenes and timers as well plus they are locked to your phone. 2. With app: Install the light sources in any lamp. Then download the app and launch it. Follow the instructions in the app to add the lights and remote control to the app. Then select which lamp, or both, to connect to the remote control.

• My lights are not lit. Have I done something wrong?
Make sure the lamp’s power is turned on. If you have an inline switch, control its position. It has to be turned on.

• Nothing happens when I press the remote control. Am I doing something wrong?
Make sure you have removed the battery protection strip from the remote control. Also check that the power is turned on. If you have added the remote control to the app, you must also add the light sources and pair them together.

• My lights turn on and off without doing anything. What has happened?
This may be due to two things:
1. You have not added your light sources to the app. That means they are open to control with any Smartline Flow remote control that is within the reception area. Have your neighbour bought a package and did not add their products to their app so they can check your lights. The opposite is also true; you can check the neighbour’s devices. The solution is to add your devices to your app. Then they are locked to your phone and no one else can control them. 2. The second option may be that you have added a timer for the lamp. Enter the app and see what timers you’ve set and turn off those you do not need.

• Do I have to use the app?
Not necessarily for daily operation. The easiest way is to use remote controls and timers to control the devices. Keep in mind, however, that the app is required when you want to make certain settings and to control scenes.

• Can I use the app if I do not have any devices?
No. You can start the app, but since you have not added any devices you can not do anything else.

• I have seen there are different types of timers in the app. How do they work?
That’s right, there are three different types of timers; Regular timer, Countdown timer and Astro timer.
The regular timer is used to control something at a special time similar to the use of a mechanical timer. You can use this timer for all our light bulbs and the Timer Plug and turn them on or off. For the light bulbs you can also define different dimmer levels, color temperature (not Mood Changer bulbs) and color (only the Spectrum Bulb). This makes it super-versatile.
The countdown timer is only available for our Timer plug. You use it in the same way as you would do with a safety timer that you have connected to your coffee maker or phone charger that you want to shut off after a designated time. The countdown is active no matter if you turn on the Timer Plug manually (by clicking the small button on the plug) or using the app. This means you set the time once, and then it is controlled automatically every time you turn on the plug.
The Astro Timer is also only available for our Timer Plug. The Astro Timer works using the sun’s movements to decide when to turn something on or off. You can also set a time offset to for example turn on a device 10 minutes prior to sunset.

• Where can I buy Smartline Flow?
You can buy our products from one of our retailers. We will also offer sales directly here on our website shortly.