Wireless Qi Car Charger with Sensor

Sensor Controlled Qi Charger for the Car

This smart wireless car charger makes your driving safer. Because its sensor controlled functions, it is very easy to handle with one hand. As soon as you comes close to the holder, it will open its arms to embrace your phone. After two seconds it will gently close and keep your phone safely attached for the rest of your trip. When you want to remove it, you just press a button on the side of the holder. It will then open its arms and let you remove the phone – all with just one hand.

The powerful wireless Qi-charger rapidly charges your Qi compatible phone without any wires for you to handle.

The holder is connected with the included USB-A to USB-C cable to a USB charger for your car*.

Voltage in: 5V⎓2A/9V⎓2A/12V⎓1.67A
Wireless charging effect#: 15W/10W/7.5W/5W
Cable: USB-A to USB-C, Black, 1m (included)

* To get the most capacity to the Qi-charger, the attached USB-charger should have QC 3.0.
# The output effect is due to how much voltage the USB-charger gives and also how much your device can receive.


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