Our sustainability work

It is of great importance to us that we should take our common environment into account as far as possible. It may sound vague, but we operate in a market that is by its nature unsustainable.

What do we do to minimize plastic in packaging?

We are constantly looking at how to improve our product packaging to reduce our impact on the environment. One such thing is that we work hard to minimize the use of plastic in all packaging. We want to make the world a little more sustainable. A small example: Just by exchanging plastic for paper on two articles * in the existing product range, in 2019 we have reduced our plastic consumption by as much as 372 kg. According to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (2018a), 322 million tonnes of plastic were produced in 2015, corresponding to 46 kg of plastic per person per year. So only on these two articles we have saved 8 peoples annual consumption of plastic. Now, of course, we have reduced plastic in the packaging of more items, in fact on as many as 105 items! Another example is that when we launched Smartline Flow, we already had packaging in 100% paper from the beginning. Good for the environment and in addition it is easier to recycle the packaging.

Our vision is that within one year we will be 95% plastic-free when it comes to packaging.

* 312328 och 312291

How do we ensure good conditions in the factory?

Before we start working with a new supplier or factory, we do an evaluation to ensure that the supplier complies with our guidelines and requirements. All factories are inspected before they receive their first order. All our suppliers must follow our code of conduct with requirements for working conditions such as wages, workplace safety, working hours and more. By striving for sustainable relationships with our suppliers, we both promote pleasant working conditions, but it also enables us to develop our range in a long-term way. And we can make sure that the products meet the expectations and requirements that you as a conscious consumer can have. 

Being smart is long lasting.

How do Smartline reason about transport?

We choose to transport our products in the most sustainable way possible and work based on the directives available on the market in environmental matters. This means that we are constantly finding new ways to get our products home from our suppliers. One such thing is that we avoid using air cargo where it is possible to choose more environmentally friendly freight modes, such as trains or boats, with same quality and safety. We also work purposefully to have optimized packaging when you shop in our webshop, which means that the freight will have less impact on the environment. Good, right?

How do you reason about the lifespan of your product’s?

We do not like when products are discarded after far too short a time. Unfortunately, there are many products that are sold only because they are cheap. And a cheap price is often due to lack of quality. We work instead to create products that last for long use.