Smart timer plug Bluetooth

Mini Timer with 3 Different Timer Types

This smart timer plug with bluetooth can replace a mechanical timer. It is both smaller and looks nicer in comparison. In addition, it has three different timer settings: “Standard” that turn on/off at the selected time, “Countdown timer” that shuts off the plug after the time you decide (perfect for the coffee maker) and finally “Astro timer” using the sunrise and sunset as trigger. Built-in energy meter and surge protector makes this small plug complete. All settings are made easy with our app.

The smart timer plug is completely standalone, which means that you don’t connect it to the Telldus system – TellStick or Telldus app. Control the plug via Bluetooth with help of the Smartline Flow app, which is super easy to navigate.

This product has the quality stamp and recommendation of the well-respected technology magazine and website M3!


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